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*This is an underestimate that does not account for current health and wellness expenditures, disability claims, replacing a sick employee, postponing important projects, and opportunity costs.

**This is an underestimate that does not account for savings or new revenue associated with reduced disability claims, increased employee engagement and retention, and opportunity wins.

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Finally, accessible healthcare that truly works for your employees and your company

As Canadian physicians, we are proud of our healthcare system, and we are dedicated to making it better. Our design starts with you.

Ringside MD is a new healthcare service that will revolutionize how your workforce experiences comprehensive care. We believe in empowering your workforce to be at their best everyday by improving employee access to comprehensive and quality primary care.

We are physician leaders with advanced degrees in Epidemiology and Environmental Sciences. Together we bring a broad range of expertise in primary care, critical care, public health, and preventative medicine. We have a strong track record of designing and implementing wellness programs and are eager to leverage our experience to your benefit. Ringside MD is truly healthcare in your corner.

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“my employer cares about my well-being” highly correlates with employee engagement - Towers Perrin Global Workforce Study

Ringside MD projects a return on your investment of 1.2 to 2.4 starting in year one.

Inspired by a proven model, we work where you work to optimize the health of your workforce and deliver healthy returns on your investment.

Our experience and research have shown that working Canadians suffer from undiagnosed and under-treated illnesses. This affects their quality of life, productivity, and ultimately your bottom line. By being present at your facility, Ringside MD will change how your employees manage personal health. We will also help reduce absenteeism, presenteeism, and group insurance premiums. Engage your employees by supporting their health and well-being.

Ringside MD is changing the conversation in the Canadian health and wellness industry.

On-site healthcare delivers significant ROI
Mercer’s National Survey of Employer-Sponsored Health Plans (2015)
  • ROI: 1.0–1.99
  • ROI: 2.0 or higher
  • ROI: below 1.0
88% of companies in the US reported a return on their investment of greater than 1.

In a single year a company of 1,000 employees will lose over 10,000 days of productivity to absenteeism. 83% is due to illness and disability.*

This has been estimated to cost you 2.4% of your payroll.*

Ringside MD reduces the time your employees take from work due to illness and to see a doctor. Our total healthcare solution treats illness on-site and prevents future health issues.

*Reference: Conference Board of Canada and Statistics Canada

Ringside MD is a tool that boosts your productivity.

Most employees feel compelled to come to work rather than take a sick day. They are clocked in but checked out. This is known as Presenteeism. A Global Corporate Challenge study reports that Presenteeism accounts for 57.5 days of lost productivity per employee per year. Disability and chronic disease are significant contributors to this problem.

Ringside MD is in your corner to support your employees and keep them functioning at their best.

Click here to understand how presenteeism is costing you

Ringside MD can help drive down the cost of group insurance premiums for your business.

Prescription drug costs are the major driver of annual group insurance premium increases. Our Prescription Stewardship Program promotes evidence-informed prescribing practices, which optimizes chronic disease management and protects employees from unnecessary prescriptions and investigations.

Having physicians on site has the added benefit of a customized experience specific to your needs.  Ringside MD’s analysis of your overall insurance claims, our electronic medical records, and health indicators will guide our interventions.

Take control of rising healthcare costs with Ringside MD.

Organizations’ top 5 reasons for establishing a worksite clinic

(respondents allowed to select multiple reasons)

Controlling total health spending
Reducing lost employee productivity
Enhancing health/wellness leadership image
Managing employee health risk and chronic conditions
Improving member access to health care
Sourced from: Mercer’s National Survey of Employer-Sponsored Health Plans (2015).

It’s about your people.

Being the best employer means protecting and empowering your biggest asset: your people. Ringside MD will lead you to a frontier where health unleashes the full potential of your company.

Our model is compliant with Ontario laws and requirements. Companies in Ontario will now have the opportunity to foster a better work environment and elevate their profile as employers.

On-site primary care is the service your company has been waiting for.

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