Physicians in your corner

We are Canadian physicians who believe that there is a better way. A better way to deliver healthcare to working Ontarians. A better way to help employers control healthcare costs.

We are committed to empowering your employees to achieve their health potential.

We succeed by keeping you at your best everyday.

Meet Dr. Alkesh Patel – Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Dr. Alkesh Patel

Alkesh Patel MD, MSc, CCFP, FRCPC

Dr. Alkesh Patel is our visionary CEO and co-founder of Ringside MD; he works with employers to keep their workforce healthy and engaged. As a physician, Alkesh knows that a significant proportion of working Canadians struggle with chronic disease. As a leader, he understands it’s affecting the employer’s bottom line. Alkesh believes that Ringside MD’s model of on-site care will improve employees access to quality healthcare and result in significant cost savings for the employer.

Alkesh is dual certified as a Public Health & Preventive Medicine physician and a Family Medicine specialist. He has served as the Regional Medical Officer of Health in Halifax, protecting the health of more than 500,000 people. His clinical and leadership experiences inspired him to pursue a new goal: to improve the health of Ontario workers. Alkesh capitalizes on his Masters of Science in Health Research Methodology to spearhead Ringside MD’s approach to data analytics. Through Ringside MD, Alkesh brings his passion, extensive work experience, and medical expertise to Canadian employees and employers.

Meet Dr. Sai Vasan – Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Dr. Sai Vasan

Sai Vasan BSc, hBA, AAS, MD

Dr. Sai Vasan is our strategic COO and co-founder of Ringside MD; he brings value to your organization by ensuring our services optimize the health and productivity of your workforce. Having worked internationally across different healthcare systems, Sai ushers in a unique perspective on how Ringside MD integrates your approach to corporate wellness with the Canadian healthcare system. He believes your employees’ healthcare experience can be elevated through thoughtful use of technologies and streamlined delivery of care. 

Sai leverages his medical expertise to bring healthcare where it is needed most. He designed and implemented programming for the Niagara region Alzheimer’s Society and Young Carer’s Initiative, helping secure more than $1.4M of private and provincial funding. In British Columbia he worked with patients struggling with mental health and addiction issues, and brings with him a variety of therapeutic interventions to manage this complex issue. Between his experience and aptitude for creative solutions, Sai executes Ringside MD’s day-to-day operations to deliver total healthcare for your whole workforce.

Meet Dr. Hafeez Jamal – Chief Medical Officer (CMO)

Dr. Hafeez Jamal

Hafeez Jamal MD, MES, CCFP (FPA), FCFP

Dr. Hafeez Jamal is our passionate CMO and co-founder of Ringside MD; he directs and supports Ringside MD’s delivery of high quality clinical care to Canadian workers. Hafeez knows that prompt and regular access to medical care can result in better health outcomes. Accordingly, he believes in Ringside MD’s solution to bring medical doctors to the workplace, overcoming barriers to access for employees, and ultimately empowering workers to be productive in all aspects of their lives.

Hafeez brings a breadth of experience to work for you. He is a Fellow of the College of Family Physicians of Canada, has specialized training in Anesthesia and Hyperbaric Medicine, and holds postgraduate degrees in Environmental Sciences and Public Health.  Indeed, his passion for Environment and Health fuels his eagerness to work with Ringside MD and improve the health of working Canadians. The most notable thing about Hafeez is that he brings compassion and diligence to his work in the Operating Room, the Emergency Room, and the Clinic. He will foster that same compassion and diligence in your workplace.