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More than 40 companies on Fortune Magazine's list of the 100 Best Companies to Work For offer worksite healthcare centres.

Ringside MD’s on-site services makes it easy for your workforce to access the healthcare system. Ringside MD uses expertise and evidence-informed practices to deliver the services your employees need to be at their best. By bringing OHIP–registered doctors to your workplace, our solution seamlessly integrates your organization and the Canadian healthcare system. Our total healthcare solution addresses the needs of both your organization and your employees – prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and management of disease.

Ringside MD offers total healthcare for your whole workforce. We establish an inviting clinic in your facility by efficiently re–purposing existing space. Our proximity ensures convenient access for your employees. We care for your workforce one employee at a time.

Primary care

Our family physicians and registered nurses deliver comprehensive care for your whole workforce. Services include regular check-ups, screening, counselling, chronic disease management, health and wellness education. Convenient access to total healthcare results in less time away from work.


Our on-site pharmacists offer employees one-on-one counselling, education, and prescription management. Being on the right medications and understanding how they work keeps employees symptom-free and more engaged. Ringside MD pharmacists support our approach to evidence-informed prescribing, producing better health outcomes and cost savings.

Allied Health Providers

Allied health providers are essential to helping your employees stay healthy and recover from illness. They include physiotherapy, occupational therapy, counselling, and other specialists. We will also work with existing care providers in your health and wellness program.

Management of common illnesses

Keeping your employees at their best is our top priority. Disease symptoms limit your employees’ potential to be productive. Total on-site healthcare will help your employees achieve their health potential and get them back on their feet.

Chronic disease screening & treatment

Chronic diseases impact your bottom line. We have the knowledge and tools to screen for diseases that lead to poor health and disability. We offer regular follow-up to help you better manage chronic conditions. Customized lunch and learns, disease counselling, and treatment programs will be provided.

Mental Health & Addiction

A significant proportion of Canadians struggle with mental health and addiction issues. Our multi-disciplinary team is here to listen, and give your employees the tools to overcome and regain control.

Disease Prevention

We offer vaccinations throughout the year. We help your employees understand risk factors that lead to disease. This empowers them to make choices that protect their health. Lifestyle changes begin with education and understanding.

Additional services

We perform blood work on-site, saving your employees a trip to the laboratory. Our on-site dispensary offers select medications to treat common illnesses immediately. Your employees save the time of waiting in line and start feeling better sooner.

Virtual waiting room

We save space, time, and exposure to infectious diseases by removing the waiting room. Employees can work until our staff contact them for their appointment. No more half days away from work to see a doctor.

On-line appointment booking

Employees no longer have to waste time on the phone to book an appointment. Accessing our care team is secure, convenient, and easy.

Secure Medical Records

Our electronic medical records system is powered by Telus. Personal health information is securely stored off-site. All of our software is approved by the Ministry of Health & Long-term Care.

The perfect fit for employees and their families.

Our clinic design aligns with your organization’s unique culture, needs, and goals. Our service will improve your employees’ healthcare experience while minimizing disruption to their workday. Expand the value of our service by making the on-site clinic accessible to employees’ family members. Bringing Ringside MD to your workplace starts with a conversation.

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Our roadmap to making your employees healthy.

Let us unlock the full potential of your workforce. We remove barriers to accessing a family doctor and offer a single point of contact for healthcare services. Empower your organization and employees to be proactive in managing personal health.

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